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My Favorite Things

These are my favorite things! 

Sara:Hey as you probably guesed i like pirates.  I love sharks.  and i am terrified of SPIDERS!!!  I like rock and all types of music.
Jessica: Hi,I'm gothic, my favorite singer is Green Day. I like cats. I dont really have a fear. I like Chinese food.


Hey everyone! well on this little part of this page were gonna put stuff about our favorite books and movies!
Sara:  I have lots of favorite books and movies.
books: The Warrior series.
These books are about cats. One cat impeticular his name is Rusty.
He lives in a twoleg (two leg) home and has a dream of living in the forest.  one day he is seen by a cat who lives in the forest and invites him to go and live in the forest with him in his clan.  he is welcomed into the clan but some dont like because he was born as a kittypet.  He recives a new name which is firepaw.  Read these books and follow firepaw  through tough times to recive his warrior name.